Welcome back to my blog. Many people are asking me "So does collagen actually work?" Well yes but just taking collagen supplement works? Our bodies naturally produce collagen but this really annoying thing happened around the age of 25 which I've crossed that threshold that the natural production of collagen in our bodies actually starts to decrease. If you're anything like me, you want to preserve your youthfulness as long as possible, so the short answer is yes this supplement does work.

I will tell you why but really quick make sure you stick around to the end of this article. Because I am announcing a supplement product giveaway and in all transparency, this article is not sponsored. These are all my own opinions based on products that I have bought myself. However, before writing this article, I did reach out to my favourite company "Wellgard Gold Standard Pure Collagen Hydrolysate Powder" and they did agree to work with me on and give away.

So I can give my subscribers a free product from their website. This product is on the list of best collagen supplements in the UK. Ok, so what are the benefits of this supplement? So I'm going to start with the given that we probably have all heard before about collagen. It actually improves your skin elasticity and firmness and basically keeps your skin plump and gives you that bounce back faster. But you have to make sure you buy the best quality brand supplements. Stay away from inferior quality

When you know once you get older your skin actually starts to get a little bit thinner and doesn't bounce back as easily. So it actually helps retain that balance that features. They actually did a study online where they did two groups and one of them making this supplement - and the other group they gave a placebo - which is just a big supplement. They actually thought out that after the eight weeks that the group that they gave the collagen to actually had 20% fewer wrinkles.

So it definitely helps with skin elasticity and plumpness and helps lock in the hydration that keeps your skin moisturized and youthful. I have definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin. It's gotten so much more dewy and bright and just has an overall healthy glow to it. Now I can't speak long term for the wrinkles. But if I look like JLo by the time I'm 50 then I know it worked.

The second thing that collagen supplement can help you with is joint pain. If you are twenty something-year-olds who are any feeling your knees cracking when you bend down that is collagen exiting into the shed. But yeah again by twenty-five you're already losing collagen production in your body. That's why as we get older our body starts to crack and break down on us. It actually helps stimulate cartilage production and helps maintain the cartilage that you already have and cartilage is essential for a healthy joint.

This next tip is also beneficial for you guys out there. Collagen is not just for women this actually helps muscle mass and muscle recovery time. About 1 to 10 % of your muscles are made from it and this is actually a protein that can help rebuild and repair your muscles after a strenuous workout. I typically put about one scoop of collagen peptides in my post-workout shake and I have noticed a drastic change and how long it takes my muscles to recover.I'm not sore for a long time.

This next tip actually has nothing to do with physical parented. Collagen actually helps with your heart health. So It can actually help build a better foundation for your arteries and your arteries are obviously responsible for carrying all the nutrients and oxygen to your heart that can actually make your heart healthier.

This next tip it's also one that probably you've heard before but it stimulates hair and nail growth and that is the main reason I started taking it. But then I realized all these other benefits afterwards. But I have noticed a drastic change in my hair growth. I am someone who's never had fast-growing hair and my hair would pretty much stay around the same length you know. Right above my chest and the last six months, I've been taking the supplement, I have noticed double my normal rates of hair growth. I will show you guys before and after pictures.

I've noticed my nails have gotten a lot stronger. I'm someone who used to wear fake nails all the time without getting my nails much rest in between. Obviously, it's me my nail is really brittle and they break really easily. But I have noticed since taking this supplement that they've gotten a lot stronger they are definitely able to hold their own without having the acrylics on.

They are still relatively short right now that's just because I just started taking a break from fake nails about a month ago. So I haven't really seen too much of an effect on my nails yet. But I have noticed they are a bit firmer. I'm hoping that they'll be able to grow naturally on their own that's the goal. There are actually are a lot of foods that contain collagen. So it's not necessary to take a supplement.

Although I prefer a supplement because it's just easier and more convenient and that way I can make sure I'm definitely getting my collagen intake every single day. But you can find it in a lot of animal products. But for the main part, it is derived from animal protein. You can find collagen and chicken beef bone broth fish. There are all different types of collagen out there and they all have different effects on your body.

Now if you stuck around for this long thank you and I did want to announce a giveaway that I am doing with Wellgard Gold Standard Pure Collagen Hydrolysate Powder, they have agreed to give away one free product from their website. So the rules to enter are very simple you have to obviously be subscribed to my blog and then also just leave a comment down below because that's where I'll be choosing the giveaway winner from and I will announce the winner.

Finally, I hope you love bugs found this article helpful and I will see you in the next one.

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